Welcome to your iTVsea.com 4K (UHD) website, also usable on HD (2K) iTV Sets. This is the language-independent, one-stop, world-wide i3D solution for turning your 2K HD (or 4K UHD) iTV Set into several amazing high-def undersea aquaria, virtual marine aquarium experiences! To use, go to any iTV Set and click its "Internet" button, type "itvsea.com" in the URL address bar, and you'll be able to turn your iTV Set into an undersea marine adventure for your family (and pets) when you're not using your new widescreen iTV Set to watch shows, sports, or movies! Use your F11 key to go full-screen with this iTV Set 3D undersea aquarium or use our efficient Full Screen Toggle button provided at the top-left corner. Your HD iTV set remote control should also have a key dedicated to "Viewing Mode" which can be set to options such as: Stretch, Zoom, Fullscreen, and other settings (make sure to explore this feature to master what it can do for your iTV Set). Click on the other ten UI circles above to select different iTV Sea Underwater 3D Scenes which can turn your iTV Set into almost a dozen completely different virtual saltwater aquarium underwater marine scenes. In this way, your fantastic new iTV Set will always look nothing but stunning mounted on your favorite wall, in your home theater, above your fireplace, in your home office, in your bedrooms, or in your family or living room. We'll be adding new iTV Sea creatures, animation, scenes, sounds and more during 2018 and beyond. This website also works on PCs, Tablets, SmartPhones, Laptops, NetBooks, Game Consoles, and e-Readers. If you like this iTVsea website please do check out iTVart.com, where you can turn your iTV Set into a virtual fine art gallery, or iTVclock.com where you can turn your iTV Set into a virtual clock, selecting from literally hundreds of different themes or iTV Set. This UHD iTV app website was created by The iTV Design Agency using 19 lines of HTML5 in only 16MB total data footprint (1.4MB average per scene).