A Portable Oxygen Concentrator’s Benefits

Why Portable Oxygen Concentrators Are Beneficial

The use of a portable oxygen concentrator for lungs illness has various advantages. In addition to making breathing simpler and less strenuous, a portable oxygen machine also provides the following advantages:

Growth in Survival

Some patients have a higher survival rate when they use additional oxygen for at least 15 hours per day. Also, you can use portable oxygen therapy anytime, anyplace thanks to modern portable oxygen technology.

Improves Tolerance to Exercise

According to studies, taking supplemental oxygen while exercising enables you to exercise longer and at a higher intensity, which increases the benefits of your efforts.

Mind Alertness Is Improved

Do you have a mental haze? Every organ in your body, including your brain, is impacted when you don’t get enough oxygen. The first indication that someone with lung illness may not be getting enough oxygen is confusion. [3] Supplemental oxygen use maintains the health of your brain and all other essential organs.

Better Sleep That Night

Even in those with healthy lungs, oxygen saturation levels tend to decrease during sleeping. Transient nocturnal desaturation may make it difficult to get a good night’s sleep if you have COPD or another chronic lung illness and it can also cause some rather serious health issues. [4] Ask your doctor about an overnight oximetry test if your sleep habits are frequently disturbed. Supplemental oxygen may be helpful as you sleep, allowing you to get the rest you require.

Raises Mood

According to studies, oxygen treatment can increase your self-esteem while also improving cognition, performance, and mood.

Expands Stamina

Your oxygen levels may be low if you lack the energy needed to go through the day. [3] Oxygen therapy gives you the energy you need to perform routine, daily tasks like getting dressed, cleaning the house, cooking a meal, and walking the dog.


Because they typically weigh less than 5 pounds, portable oxygen concentrator is light and portable. They simply and discretely fit into a shoulder bag because to their tiny shape.

Simple Travel

Portable oxygen concentrators that are lighter and smaller fit easily within any suitcase. The majority of the equipment is FAA authorized, allowing for usage on both local and foreign flights.

High Oxygen Production

Portable oxygen concentrators offer both pulse dose and continuous dose options. They are just as effective as home units in meeting medical standards for oxygen therapy thanks to their high oxygen output.

A battery’s life

Portable oxygen concentrators can operate on batteries when a power source is not readily available away from home. Several devices can be powered for up to 5 hours before requiring another charge. Longer battery packs provide considerably longer power endurance, frequently up to 9 hours.

Operation in Silence

The majority of portable oxygen concentrators are made to operate silently, making them suitable for use in public settings, on flights, and even on lengthy road journeys without bothering others.