ABBA Tribute Bands – 8 Tips to Improve Your Show

There are a great deal of elements that go into getting ready to book shows for your band. I learned from the get-go that there are numerous significant elements that go into getting a band execution commendable. Ordinarily I have went to see a band perform and have been frustrated at the eventual outcome. These groups are never around for a really long time, and are not groups that I would wish to join.


The principal thing that is required are individuals. The most essential part is many times finding individuals who have a similar degree of interest in the proposed project. Many groups are made out of companions or of other nearby performers tracked down in the Feestband boeken affectionate local area of artists in your space. Potential individuals can be found through many free sites offering performer position on the web, or at a neighborhood music store that frequently gives a release board to performers searching for groups.

Another main point of interest is the quantity of individuals that will be required for the undertaking. I have worked with three piece groups and have made a decent payday, and I have worked with six piece groups and have scarcely equaled the initial investment. I have consistently found it alright for most cover band settings to go with no less than four individuals, comprising of Lead guitarist/singer, beat guitarist, bass guitarist, and drummer. The best thing to do is stand by listening to the melodies you intend to do and choose what you will require artistically to perform them, and afterward base the quantity of artists you will require on that.


Recollect this significant consider melody choice that is frequently neglected: It isn’t what you need to hear and get a kick out of the chance to play that will make your band well known, yet it is what the groups will pay to come and hear that will make you famous.

Tune determination can be extreme now and again. I have consistently found it best, in a cover band, to go with the old well known melodies that the group loves, and the more current famous tunes on the radio. In the event that I had a dollar for each time I have performed Paranoid or Roadhouse Blues I would be rich. These tunes are generally on the set records for most stone cover groups.

It assists with going out to your neighborhood clubs that deal live groups and watch to see what melodies the groups are playing that truly get a decent reaction from the group. Paying attention to nearby radio broadcasts to hear what is hot and being played is a decent instrument for tune choice too.

Contingent upon the sort of scenes you will play you will require 10 to 12 tunes for each set, in view of one hour sets. You will require a decent set list in light of 40 to 50 tunes for a four hour show. The settings in your space might need ‘two’ 90 minutes in length sets, or simply expect you to play from 10pm until 2am. Anyway the scene is set up you will believe that enough melodies should play the entire show.


Here is the way to being a useful and famous band. The additional time you put into rehearsing independently and aggregately, the more tight the band will be and the better it will sound. Practice really does to be sure make awesome. It requires investment and work to get the melodies down and get them tight.

I recommend somewhere around a few extended centered band rehearses each week at first. Try not to get carried away and wear yourself or the band out with 8 hour long distance race rehearses. This turns out to be counter-useful and normally following a couple of hours into the training everybody goes on auto pilot and simply attempts to get as far as possible.

Practice on making the tunes fascinating by beginning and finishing a portion of your melodies uniquely in contrast to any other person is doing. Ensure the tune is unmistakable, yet feel free to add your own creative style to the melody to make it something that individuals will recall you by.

In the event that the band is disapproving of a melody and nobody can click with it, supplant it with another tune. I have frequently found that pounding the life out of the dangerous tune takes up an excess of time…plus, it for the most part gets cut after a couple of shows in any case. On the off chance that you are not feeling it, the group won’t feel it by the same token.

When you have your tune list down and you are alright with it, practice on the actual show. Try not to zero in on simply repeating the tunes in front of an audience, yet additionally practice to play out the melodies. Putting on a phase act assists individuals with recalling that you. Standing like a sculpture in front of an audience isn’t engaging, and you will before long be neglected. Simultaneously don’t allow your melodic quality to languish over ability to entertain. Practice your show and when you are alright with it, practice it some more.


Select your settings carefully. I must pressure this as much as possible. Try not to consent to book a show without being familiar with the setting first. I have made an appearance to gigs with my stuff and figured out the stage won’t uphold our show, and needed to scale down my unit without a second to spare.

Generally one of the individuals from the band will deal with appointments. There are a great deal of significant elements that go into this phase of the game.

Begin Local. If you have any desire to broaden your reach, I would recommend doing as such after you have played effectively at the nearby level for some time.
Have a press unit together to give the club proprietor. Press packs ought to comprise of set list, band memoir, contact data, and a CD with something like four tunes of your band playing out the melodies on it.
Visit the scene face to face to examine booking with the proprietor. Figure out the scene, and take a gander at how the stage is set up, so you can design ahead of how much stuff to bring. Check to ensure how simple your heap in and load out will be ahead of time.
Arrange your cost. Try not to consent to play free of charge at one scene for exposure…the different settings might discover that you performed free of charge and request that you do likewise at their club. You need to ensure that there are no secret gets, for example, consenting to play for the entryway and getting to the show and discovering that there isn’t a fee at the door that evening; or consenting to play for a level of the benefits the bar makes for the evening, just to discover that the rate depends on a couple of hours at a segment of bar with little traffic.
Verify whether the setting has hose dad and lights. Assuming this is the case, contact the individual who runs sound and lights and let them in on ahead of time what you intend to do, and see what sort of gear they have.
Recall that frequently you will play for a specific expense the initial time so that the setting could perceive how well you do. You will receive pay increases on the off chance that you get a decent group and are famous. Normally you need to proceed to rebook a setting provided that it merits your time and energy.

At the point when you book a date, make fliers for your show and drop them off at the bar so they can put the fliers all through their bar to advance your show. This helps you, yet it helps the scene proprietor. Post pamphlets on open release sheets that take into account such so you can advance your show. Numerous nearby papers will highlight up coming scenes free of charge, or little charge, assuming you get in touch with them ahead of time.


Since you have a date booked, get your unite as one and practice the entire appear through a couple of times to anticipate how you need to execute your exhibition. On the off chance that the subject is Halloween, you might need to change your show to fit with the topic, for example, playing in outfits or precluding a couple of tunes for an ensemble challenge the scene is having at 12 PM.