Can I Cut My LED Strip Lights?

LED Strip Lights are one of the most flexible kinds of lights to be had and this is not simply due to the fact they may be flexible. LED Strip Lights can also be cut to custom lengths, this means that they can be doubtlessly made to meet the necessities of any installation.

While it’s far feasible to get your lights reduce by using a expert, the process is so easy that you may additionally do it your self. If as an example you find that your strip mild is barely too long for the location in which you plan to put in it, you can chop a section off the stop to make it suit. Alternatively, when you have a large, single strip of led lighting, but you would choose separate pieces, you can cut the strip in 1/2.

LED Strip Lights may be cut at 5 or 10cm periods (depending on the wide variety of LEDs per metre) all along their length. The “cutting points” are absolutely marked with a directly line and a diagram of a couple of scissors. To separate your strip lights, reduce alongside this line using a pair of scissors or craft knife. Always ensure the device you’re the usage of is sharp, as a blunt tool ought to probably purpose harm to the circuit board.

Due to their layout, LED Strip Lights will maintain to paintings even when they had been cut. This is because their circuit is absolutely closed at each reducing factor. If you are disposing  smart led strip of a phase from the cease of your strip light, continually make certain you’re eliminating it at the end far from the connector.

If you are cutting you strip lights into parts and plan to apply them as two separate installations, you will additionally ought to do a chunk of soldering. At each slicing factor there ought to be a series of solder factors (circular steel discs), 2 in the case of single shade lighting fixtures and 4 in the case of shade changing RGB. To attach a brand new length of 2 core or 4 middle cable, you will need to solder the wires to their corresponding solder factors (which should be actually marked for this reason).

Soldering isn’t a hard mission, but manifestly calls for the needful tools, which the majority don’t personal. Asking an electrician to do the soldering to your behalf may also exercise session to be fairly expensive as you’re of route paying for his or her time. The most inexpensive, and most secure alternative is to ask your store to prepare everything beforehand.

It is likewise viable to shop for “solderless connections,” which permit you to hook up with your LED Driver or to every other LED Strip Light with out the need for any soldering.

Peter Jenny is an skilled creator with a Masters Degree in Operations Management