Copy Your Xbox 360 Game Discs Now

The world has entered a new realm of home entertainment since he initial manufacture and roll out of the first PlayStation. The earlier PlayStations are remembered for graphic but no less entertaining fight games. The games themselves were available on DVD-ROMs usually packaged in a bulky case, which included a pamphlet with very detailed instructions. The reason they are treasured and remembered most of all, is for moving gaming from an antisocial activity to a family one.

That was then! As time has evolved, so has PlayStation along with it. We Commodore Roms are now in the year 2010- and by now most enthusiasts have traded up to the new PS3 to experience the new, improved virtual world, and of course to try out new sports and fight games. The cases that store the game discs have however maintained their bulkiness and, are as such, just as difficult to store as they were at anytime in PlayStation history. This case can’t be rested anywhere in the house. PS cases have been known to fall off surfaces and get cracked, or get crushed underfoot- sometimes with the discs inside. But even if the cases alone were destructed, the game discs then became vulnerable to damage or destruction too (PS games normally come on 2 discs).

PlayStation disc cases are so easily recognizable that they have also been targets of theft by dishonest house-callers (visitors). Considering the price one has to shell out to own one of these PS3 games- let alone, a few console, it is highly recommended that owners of this software take precautionary measures to protect their games. The best way is to copy PS3 games, and make several back-up copies while storing the original discs (in their case) in a safe hiding place.

To copy PS3 games, one must first have the CD and DVD “burning” facilities on their computer, because it is only the computer that can accommodate this function; in other words: CD/DVD-ROM games will not copy on the average DVD player’s burner facility. Next, special back-up software is needed to break through the firewalls embedded in these video games, meant to prevent “piracy”. This can be bought in disc form at most computer stores, and are also downloadable from the Internet. At this time you would install the back-up software unto the computer and then put in both PS3 discs for decoding of the firewall. It is recommended that copies be made of both discs.

PS3 has brought state-of-the-art entertainment home. Giving teenagers a safe, harmless means of easing their anxieties and frustrations- and leaving their parents to less worry about their whereabouts. PlayStation is worth every penny spent, but we must care the product, so that we don’t lose such a pricey investment. Back-up your games now!