Creative Ideas to Make Christmas Bath Bombs

Bathroom bombs are a superb option for a handmade Christmas present or stocking glutton. It’s an excellent concept to make a big set at the beginning of the Christmas period to keep on hand for person hosting presents or last minute office gift exchanges.

There are a lot of innovative means to decorate your bath bombs to transform them into truly unique presents. Your local craft shop will likely lug a range of Xmas themed soap molds that are a great means to make bath bombs. You can also find lots of soap mold and mildew options online.

If you don’t intend to spend the additional money on holiday molds (or you’ve postponed as well as it’s too late to have them delivered!), there are great deals of options for enhancing ordinary round ones.

Shea butter makes terrific “icing.” Soften it in the microwave in a small bowl until it has the consistency of lotion. If it’s as well runny just allow it rest for a number of mins up until it thickens back up. When the consistency is right, dip the bath bombs in it about 1/4 of the method so simply the tops are covered.

You’ll have a couple of mins to work before the shea butter sets, so do 3 or 4 each time and decorate them. While the shea butter is still soft, sprinkle “garnishes” on the bath bombs. I like the colored sugar you acquire to spray on cookies as they give them a festive look. Other choices consist of grated chocolate, dried out rose petals and dried spice such as a cleaning of cinnamon or nutmeg.

You can make bathroom bombs that are little in size (1 1/4″) and decorate as well as package them to appear like truffles. Purchase wholesale bath bomb boxes the little sweet documents at your supermarket as well as placed a tiny bath bomb in each one as well as placed them in a candy box for an incredibly adorable present. Simply bear in mind to identify them as not edible!

There are lots of alternatives for aromas. Cinnamon and also vanilla both stimulate joyful sensations and are great to enter into the Christmas state of mind while kicking back at the end of the day.

Likewise bear in mind that if you’re giving them to someone on Christmas day, it may be a great idea to utilize a wonderful relaxing scent like lavender. A great unwinding bathroom to recover from the Christmas season is truly a wonderful present!

Below is my favorite Xmas bathroom bomb recipe. The gingerbread scent constantly puts me in a good mood.

Cheery Gingerbread Bathroom Bombs

2 c. cooking soda
1 c. citric acid
1 c tapioca starch

2 tbsp. shea butter, thawed
15 drops cinnamon necessary oil
15 decreases ginger vital oil
8 decreases nutmeg important oil
8 drops clove essential oil

Spray bottle of witch hazel


Sort completely dry ingredients with each other in a big glass bowl. Integrate shea butter and also crucial oils, drizzle over completely dry combination and mix with hands. Spritz with witch hazel as required to hold combination with each other. Pack right into molds, pushing securely.