GOD: Understanding God, His Omniscience, Omnipresence, Omnipotence, and Miracles

God’s Electromagnetic Energy:

God is Light energy particles and He was the one in particular Who existed about quite a while back at the hour of the proposed Big Bang when the universe was made by Him. His exceptional “electromagnetic” energy is monstrous to the point that we proposed God to be the inconspicuous energy field of three-layered space itself which physicists have named the Higgs field. Additionally God’s extraordinary “electromagnetic” energy is the wellspring of soul energy in babies that like oxygen is imperative for human existence. We further examined the Divine soul energy inside our body as having an extraordinary Mass which permits our spirits to be a reasoning mind free of our human cerebrum. We also reasoned that the spirit lives on perpetually since Marcia’s immaterial soul in Heaven unreservedly speaks with my spirit energy in my body through direct thought-energy clairvoyance.

The populace on Earth is at present seven billion and every acim spirit that coordinates into a baby in another manifestation in a mother’s belly gets 75 million of God’s Light energy particles. God’s billions of quadrillions of His own “electromagnetic” energy, which is consistently duplicating as the universe extends, can undoubtedly oblige all of the spirit energies inside the human species. Contrasted with the splendid Albert Einstein, God has trillions of times more astuteness. This huge cosmic explosion cerebrum moved by God gives God the getting sorted out knowledge to the be of all, our planet, and our universe. God likewise appears to have different kinds of energies like other-worldly energy, confidence energy, wonder energy, and prescience energy notwithstanding the “electromagnetic” energy utilized by our spirits.

God’s Omniscience:

Contemplations don’t begin in the human cerebrum. They continually develop in our spirits and in this manner can be observed by God. No individual right now understands someone else’s internal thought processes yet God knows, regardless of how secretly we attempt to stow away or mask our contemplations inside our Divine spirits interlaced together indistinguishably inside our human cerebrum. God likewise screens our ethical decisions with our undeniable Free Will even before we make them. That is the thing Omniscience implies ââ�â� all knowing. We each have a count sheet or otherworldly score card that is kept in Heaven which will decide if we will progress to living perpetually in the Messianic Age. Once more on the off chance that we have carried on with a significant existence with truth, genuineness, goodness, and decency in our heart and apologized for our wrongdoings, we will be conceded into a second Garden of Eden where the tendency to do underhanded will be stifled as it was for Adam and Eve before the snake entered their lives.

This time anyway our heaven will be supported in light of the fact that before the Messianic Age can start, the Devil who impacts our malicious tendency should be annihilated. In the primary Garden of Eden exactly a long time back, God had His motivations to utilize the Devil whom He had made to entice a simple Eve. At the point when Eve gave way to her longings and her human self image, both Adam and she needed to leave the Garden. One result of Eve then Adam eating the prohibited product of the Tree of Knowledge was that the Devil was formally delegated to follow up on and impact the abhorrent tendency in all future people. He likewise gave the Devil surprising powers to change, bad, and own human spirits by which the Devil whenever could “become” his adherents’ abhorrent tendency and prompt in them the need to commit fiendish demonstrations. The outcomes of the Devil’s power is clear in the well known story of Adam and Eve’s twin children, Cain and Abel. It is my dispute that the Devil turned into the abhorrent tendency in Cain who then, at that point, slew his sibling Abel. Cain ultimately kicked the bucket however the Devil is still with us to the current day. We will take up this matter in a future article on the Devil where we will make sense of the Devil’s powers and God’s explanations behind making evil. On the off chance that God is all knowing, even the Devil’s viewpoints and plans can’t be stowed away from God.