How SEO helped companies Thrive

Many new businesses think building a website is as simple as adding a few pages to their Facebook page. In some cases, this works, but those that have been around for some time know just how important it is to have a website that’s optimized and built from the ground up with SEO in mind.

 Many companies start out small, allowing them to focus on what they do best. When your owner is the one-man show, it’s important that you maximize every minute. This is where optimization really starts to stand out. The first step, Search Engine Optimization or SEO for short, is an acronym for making sure your website appears at the top of Google when someone searches for what you offer. It sounds simple, and it is: if they see you at the top of the list when they search for what you offer they are far more likely to call or click on your link. Keep in mind that this is an ongoing process that takes time to really work out.

Many companies hire an outside SEO company to make sure their website has all the right tags and that it is optimized with their keywords in mind. If you build a website and wait for this to happen, keep in mind that most people won’t bother waiting around – they’ll move on and if you ever do come up, they probably won’t think about calling. Most businesses will try to target one primary keyword and work off of that. For example, if you own a bakery and your website is built to optimize all local searches for individuals looking for a bakery in their area, the keyword phrase would be: “Bakery near me.”

This can vary depending on what area individuals are searching in, but when you’re starting out go ahead and pick one phrase and keep it in mind while you build your website. Now that we know what SEO is and how important it is to a successful business, we’ll talk about some of the best ways to optimize your company’s website:

The Homepage 

This might seem like an obvious place but many companies neglect it when building their website. Your home page should have your primary keyword in the header and a few times throughout the body of the text. Keep in mind that you also want to use this space to provide an engaging experience for users, which leads us to our next point…

Quality Content

The most important part of SEO is making sure your content is worth reading. If you’re not creating quality content readers are going to leave your site within seconds of arriving, which means you’ve just lost them as a lead. Google is smart enough that if they see low-quality articles with irrelevant or outdated information it will bring your page ranking down, so make sure you spend the time necessary to write engaging content on a regular basis.

Don’t Forget About Mobile 

If your target audience is using their phones to search for what you have to offer, it’s important that your website is mobile-ready. More and more people are ditching desktops in favor of their phones so if this is something you want to stand out as a company, make sure you spend some time optimizing your website for those who use their phones as the preferred method of online search.


As you can see, SEO is extremely important to any business’ success, and coming up first on Google’s results page is one of the best ways companies can thrive in today’s market. Using these tips, you should be able to build a website that not only provides an interactive experience for those who visit, but one that can be seen and found by anyone using a search engine to find what you offer. Best to get services from Boston SEO firms for optimal results.