How to Limit Your Kids Internet The Access Using the Built-In Wireless Router Settings

It’s no mystery that children love their iPods – occasionally a bit too much. With Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and all types of other Internet-based totally activities, there are plenty of methods youngsters can spend their time on-line. As mother and father, we attempt to encourage our youngsters to take a break from the Internet. It might also seem to be a never-ending struggle. Your wi-fi router probably has a few integrated functions to help your purpose.

The Wireless Router

A wireless router is a tool that allows all the computer systems and transportable devices in your house to percentage an Internet connection. It essentially establishes a network to attach all of your devices. This is known as a Local Area Network or LAN. Wireless routers permit gadgets to hook up with the LAN in methods:

By connecting the device immediately to the router using a cable, or
By allowing the tool to connect with the router wirelessly the use of radio waves to transmit and obtain facts.
The broadband Internet connection from your cable or DSL company is likewise related to the wi-fi router. The wi-fi router handles all of the technical aspects of sharing that Internet reference to all the devices at the LAN.

Router Access Restrictions

When your wireless router became setup, the default read this guide setting allows limitless Internet get right of entry to to all gadgets. With a quick visit to the setup page of your router, you can set up restrictions for a few or all gadgets.

The actual technique will range slightly relying on the emblem of your router. In preferred, you may get entry to the router setup web page with the aid of the usage of the software utility that got here along with your router or by means of typing inside the cope with line of an Internet browser. Enter your username and password while induced and you’ll have access to the router setup menus.

Depending for your router, locate the menu for both Router Access Restrictions or Parental Controls. Within this menu, you could set timeframes to allow or disable Internet access for every device. For instance, in case you need to disable your child’s Internet get admission to on weekdays after eight:00 PM, absolutely choose your toddler’s device and set the get entry to regulations for the time you want. Check the person guide to your router for more designated commands.

MAC Address

To setup regulations for a selected tool, you may want to understand the Media Access Control (MAC) cope with of the device. The MAC address is a completely unique community cope with assigned to each hardware device by way of the producer. It allows each tool linked to a community to be individually diagnosed.

To find the MAC address of your baby’s iOS tool, open the Settings app, select General, then pick out About.

Scroll down the list to locate Wi-Fi Address. This is the MAC deal with of the tool.

When putting in get entry to regulations, routers require the MAC deal with to in particular control the network regulations for a specific device. However, a few more moderen routers simplify the manner through recognizing the call of the device. The names of all devices currently linked to the network will appear on the router access regulations web page in place of having the consumer manually enter the MAC address.

With an iOS device, the person can outline a name for the device. The name can be determined through opening the Settings app, deciding on General, then About. At the pinnacle of the About web page, the call of the tool is shown.

Once you finish setting up the access restrictions, click the save button at the router page and the regulations are now lively.

This does now not completely discourage your children from gambling with their iPods. Anything that does not require Internet access, like maximum video games, will retain to function as normal. However, it’ll disable Internet access at some point of the times you want them doing some thing apart from scanning the social media websites.