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The Fourth of July Is one of the most popular holidays in America. You should celebrate it in style by touring the Grand Canyon over the long weekend. You could take a traditional tour by bus,Guest Posting airplane, or helicopter, or you could take a fun raft tour on the Colorado River. They’re all exciting and they’re all running on their regular schedules over the July 4th holiday. These tours depart from the Grand Canyon National Park Airport, or GCN, in Tusayan, AZ and from Las Vegas in Nevada. Folks coming from Phoenix and other places in AZ will want to take tours leaving from Tusayan. The July marrakech desert trips 4th holiday weekend will be busy at the canyon, so you should book your tour one or two weeks ahead of time. Tours Of The Canyon’s South RimThere are short and long helicopter tours that depart from Tusayan, the shorter one is a half an hour long and the other one gives you 50 minutes of air time. Both versions give you fantastic views of the National Park as you fly to the North Rim and back, but the longer tour also takes you to the East Rim, so you see so much more. The longer tour actually gives you a view of about 75 percent of the entire National Park.Airplane tours are available from the airport in Tusayan as well. They follow the same route as the upgraded helicopter tour and last 50 minutes.

A close runner-up in popularity is the 15-mile smooth-water rafting tour down the Colorado. The raft ride starts at Glen Canyon Dam and ends at Lee’s Ferry. Las Vegas Canyon ToursThe advantage of being based in Las Vegas is you get to pick which rim you want to tour since you can go to either the South or West Rim from there. Not only that, the tours tend to cost less than the ones that depart from the airport in Tusayan. Choppers only take 45 minutes to reach the West Rim from Vegas. The flights give you a bird’s eye view of the Hoover Dam and Lake Mead, in addition, you can choose to land at the canyon or just fly over it. My personal favorite is the exciting helicopter tour that lands on the bottom (where you’ll enjoy a champagne picnic), especially when it’s extended to include the rafting tour down the Colorado and VIP access to the Skywalk. This is the renowned “Glass Bridge” that lets visitors walk 70 feet past the edge of the rim, with the bottom a staggering 4,000 feet below!The bus tours are popular too because they are so scenic and affordable, plus you can add on fun things to do at the canyon. The West Rim bus tours start with a basic version that is easy on your budget, but you can add on upgrades such as a helicopter descent to the bottom of the canyon. The bus tours to the South Rim can be upgraded with chopper flights too, but instead of flying to the canyon floor, they fly to the North Rim and back. The airplanes that leave from Las Vegas fly to both rims too. The airplane tours to the West Rim are very similar to the helicopter tours when it comes to upgrade options, but the plane tours cost less. A popular South Rim airplane tour to consider is one that includes a 2 1/2 hour bus tour of the inside of the National Park. Book Early!Don’t forget, the Fourth of July weekend is going to be busy at the National Park. Book your tour as soon as possible. Booking early also gives you more options and better prices. Also, go directly to the tour operator’s website to book your tour