Sex Toys Are an Appetizer, Your Partner is the Entree!

What about BOTH? Recollect that scandalous episode of “Sex and The City” when Kim Catrell’s personality “Samantha” attempted to return her VIBRATOR to The Sharper Image and she got into a major discussion with the Sharper Image deals fellow about it being a back massager and not a sex toy. Turns out they were both right!

For a really long time, ladies have been purchasing “back massagers” from the Sears and Roebuck inventory! Mother’s little partner came as a valium and the “Oster” massagers.

Present day ladies can purchase a “back massager” at Walgreens, CVS and essentially some other nearby area pharmacy. I purchased my Hitachi Magic Wand at a neighborhood Walgreens around a long time back it’s actually pressing onward. I got it at the pharmacy thinking I was being cautious. (I was 21 at that point… so gullible.) I didn’t understand that the whole FREE WORLD involved their back massagers for different regions and in addition to their strained neck or back. What might I at any point say, I was a delayed prodigy.

The Hitachi Magic Wand is logical the most INFAMOUS back massager. Each lesbian I have at any point met and discussed sex plays with has referenced the enchanted electric wand from Hitachi – frequently alluded to as the “sorcery wand.” I generally joke that lesbians KNOW THEIR TOYS! What’s more, here in the Bay Area, where we do our Bliss Pleasure Parties, we meet heaps of gay ladies who are not excessively modest to share their #1 sex plays with us!

The Magic Wand is a delightful toy and it is likewise a FAB back massager. It connects to the wall so it’s entirely dependable. No batteries to wear out or that pass on you at that very significant second! Truly, an extraordinary massager likewise functions admirably for masturbation and accomplice sex. It’s not the hottest vibrator nor is it the prettiest, however I can perceive you it’s VERY dependable and will take care of business EVERY TIME.

In any case, here is some truly uplifting news 震蛋 I am so eager to impart to every one of you. The organization that makes the Hitach Magic Wand presently delivers another cordless and waterproof wand called the Mystic Wand. I believe it’s PERFECTION and am eager to the point that my clients appear to concur. I have been showing it for about a month now at our home gatherings and every individual who contacts it falls head over heels, as well.

The new Mystic Wand has this yummy skin on the wand/bulb that is designated “skin safe silicone” so this vibrator can be utilized all around the body, even on touchy skin! Knead throbbing shoulders and alleviate sore necks, then guide the adjusted head to additional personal region of your body for a few really dazzling sensations! The adaptable neck permits this massager to be utilized at any point, hitting perfect balances you never at any point realized you had!

This new “back massager” resembles the Hitachi Magic Wand’s better, hotter and more convenient variant. It takes 4 twofold AA batteries and has PLENTY of force for those of you who like the more grounded toys. It has 6 velocities, so something for everybody! Also, it’s CORDLESS such a ton simpler to impart to your accomplice and utilize together.

The two wands are made by one of my #1 sex toy producers, Vibratex. Vibratex is the producer of the Original Rabbit Pearl – the “hare” that Charlotte from “Sex and The City” became dependent on. Vibratex makes extraordinary quality toys and this new cordless “back massager” is at the highest point of their TOP 3 Sex Toys, as I would see it. They have a talent for making toys that persevere, are made in view of ladies and they likewise give heaps of thought to the ergonomics. (Furthermore their sex toys have a 1 year guarantee!)

Need one of your own? Let Santa know what a decent young lady you’ve been! Add it to your list of things to get and tell Santa he can utilize the coupon code “WAND” to get a FREE slug with your acquisition of a “Back Massager”!