The Top 6 Calculator Apps For the iPhone

Our current article at the top 6 calculator apps for Android turned into a huge hit, and considering then we’ve been getting seek inquiries about iOS. You asked for it, and we are handing over. We’ve searched out Apple’s app store for our favourite 6 calculator apps for the iPhone and iPod touch. Since there has been a wide disparity in cost of apps, we set the floor rule that we were trying to find apps that price much less than $five. In reality, this listing grew to become out to be our favorite 6 iPhone calculator apps for beneath $3.

#1 Graphing Calculator+ through xNeat.Com

Graphing Calculator+ is our pick out for the excellent all around iPhone calculator app. It greatest energy is that it does such a lot of various things properly. A switch button takes you without difficulty among the calculators exceptional modes. Those modes are graphing, clinical, handwriting, a polynomial calculator, and linear equations calculator. There’s nevertheless room for improvement. In specific, we desire the medical calculator had fractions, and that the grapher had trace. But the app is straightforward and powerful, and the truth that it routinely reveals max, min, intercepts, and intersection factors quite plenty makes up for the lack of hint.

Pros: Handwriting assist, graphing Significant figures rules scientific, quadratic and cubic solver, structures of linear equations

Cons: Handwriting mode not constantly correct, decimals only

Cost: $2.Ninety nine

#2 Graphicus by means of Serafim Chekalkin

We are huge fans of Graphicus. If only every graphing calculator were this easy to use. No need to examine the person manual here, just leap right in. Graphicus brings you almost all of the records you may want approximately Cartesian, polar, and parametrics graphs in an incredibly elegant interface. Trace, extrema, inflection points, tangent traces are all simply available with some taps of your finger. On the disadvantage, there is no simple scientific calculator. It’s also a minor bummer that there is no 3-d in an app that is a hundred% focused on graphing, however there is handiest one app on this listing that has 3-d.

Pros: Offers everything graphical, intercepts, trace, inflection points, max/min, whole

Cons: Just a grapher

Cost: $1.99

#3 Symbolic Calculator by way of Janos Barkai

If you need a CAS in your iPhone, that is the app for you. For the ones who have used a TI-89, you’ll experience right at domestic with with Symbolic Calculator. The focus of this app is it is computer algebra machine, and the interface is pretty smooth to apply for those acquainted with Texas Instrument’s CAS calculators. If you’re new to CAS’s, simply faucet the question mark subsequent to a given command, and an instance will pop up demonstrating the way to use the syntax accurately. You can also use this app to graph, even though it feels a touch counter-intuitive until you get the hang of it, and the graphing functions are simplistic in comparison to a number of the opposite apps in this list.

Pros: For a CAS, simple to use, gives example enter for every

Cons: Graphing can be nicer, mathprint most effective after inputting

Cost: $.Ninety nine

#4 Graph It with the aid of Tezmo

Another high-quality grapher is Graph It. This is likewise complete featured grapher, which offers the capability to hint, discover intercepts, and roots, in addition to graph derivatives and integrals. It additionally gives a full clinical calculator with two-line show. The consumer interface is adequate, however would possibly take a few being used to for some customers, specifically for the clinical calculator mode.

Pros: Full featured grapher, also a full medical calculator

Cons: UI takes a bit getting used to

Cost: $.Ninety nine

#five Quick graph by way of Columbiamug

For the ones in want of a 3-d graphing app, Quick Graph is the way to go. There are different positives right here too including a robust consumer interface, easy to use polar coordinates,and a great 2D graphing interface. Screen caps are some other constructed in feature. The actual selling point, though, is the three-D, that is properly rendered and even accepts cylindrical and spherical coordinates. It is possible to apply this app as a systematic calculator, however the interface feels a touch extraordinary.

Pros: Polar and 3-d, screen caps of graphs

Cons: No trace features, don’t sense designed for non-graphing calculation

Cost: Free

#6 Powerone LE via Infinity Softworks