Thinner Thighs Are a Workout Regimen Away

Do you hate your thighs? If you are looking for leaner and toned inner thighs for the summer then look no further, you still have plenty of time left to make a difference. Gym classes that work the thighs include aerobics, circuit training and cardio combat these classes focus on elements such as squats and lunges and are great for toning. If you are not a member of the gym then running and power walking are great for burning fat and toning thighs. Combine any of these aerobic workouts with the following exercises that can be done at home to get your desired slimmer thigh results.

Outer Thigh Leg Lift -Outer thighs
2 sets of 20 repetitions

  • Lie on your side in a straight line with your legs on top of each other.
  • Lift your top leg up towards the ceiling
  • Lower your leg with control
  • Pull your belly button into your spine and squeeze your bottom throughout the movement.
  • Repeat on the other side


Dumbbell Leg Curl –Rear Thighs
2 sets of 20 repetitions using a light weight

  • Lie down on your stomach, fold your arms and rest your forehead on your arms
  • Hold a weight between your feet so that the top end of the weight rests on the soles of your shoe
  • Squeeze your feet together and curl your leg up towards your bottom
  • Slowly lower – control the weight at all times


The Thigh Squeeze -Inner Thighs
2 sets of 20 repetitions- Stability ball required

  • Place both hands and your heavy dumbbell leg workout knees on a stability ball ( keep your feet on the floor for balance)
  • The majority of your body weight should be resting on the ball
  • Squeeze your knees together into the ball and hold the squeeze for a second
  • Relax however keep your knees in contact with the ball.



Remember to carry out each exercise slowly, speeding up will cause you to use momentum rather than strength.

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