Tips on Finding the Best Building Permit Expediting Services

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In the interest of saving money, time and aggravation, many people consider performing their home improvements without getting a building permit. Are you considering it? Well, before you make your decision, I hope you’ll take this information into account.

Question: Do I need building permits for my home remodel?


There’s no question that a lot of home permis de construire remodels are completed without getting building permits. Are you planning a remodel?

If you are, then it’s usually advisable to get that permit if your requirements call for it! Otherwise, you risk having your project shut down or paying penalties or both. You also could be asking for the kind of trouble that results in a poor quality job.

But, not all projects require that you get a permit. Mending fences, repairing roofs, adding certain patios and decks, painting, replacing windows, etc. will usually not require permits be issued. Permits are largely about safety … and ensuring that safety codes are met.

Just a few situations where permits are normally required:

A home addition

  • Electrical upgrades (and other electrical work)
  • Kitchen and bathroom major remodels
  • A new roof
  • Decking that is several feet above ground
  • Moving or removing interior walls
  • Anything structural

Health and fire safety are the big concerns. If you’re unsure about whether or not a permit is required, I advise you to make a call to your building department. If you don’t want to “tip your hand”, you could check with a local building contractor instead.